Emergency service of Jihoměstská majetková plc

The company Jihoměstská majetková plc contractually provides emergency service for its customers from the first mid – 2013.

The company proceeds with the removal of all the range of emergency conditions if this is technically possible at the given moment. In case of need there are undertaken such measures to prevent damage of property and people`s health.Emergency service consists in the removal of defects on electrical wiring and electro devices, on water and waste pipelines, central heating and gas. At the same time we proceed with requests of repair of EZS, EPS and CCTV technologies. We provide these servicesthrough a toll-free number on weekdays from 4.00 p.m. to 08.00 a.m. and unceasingly 24 hours on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

The emergency service phone number of Jihoměstská majetková PLC: 800 133 332.

We understand the emergency service as a fundamental complement to the administrated immovable properties or as an extended function of technical administration. In case of interest in this service, we will offer a contract to the members of the Community of residential units owners, in which is defined a flat price per unit equal to one Czech crown, a flat rate for the departure equal to one hundred Czech crowns, and a standard price for an hourly billing rate of three hundred Czech crowns. The contract also defines the obligations of the Parties, including the time needed to reach the place of provision of emergency repairs, i.e. in one hour after reporting an emergency situation by authorized person over the phone on our free line. Flat rate per unit is covered by the Community of owners of residential units in the form of a payment schedule, which is an integral part of the contract. The rest of the prices for emergency intervention in the apartment are covered by the owner of the unit on the spot of the intervention or the tenant of the unit, as amended by the applicable legislation, or by the Community of owners of the units in case the emergency intervention is in the common areas of the building.

If you are interested in this service, please, contact the manager for BD and OA, Mr. Roman Ulč on: 734 622 273, or write to an e-mail address: ulc@jihomestska.cz