Information about the company


In late 2007, the company was founded as Jihoměstská majetková plc, which is 100% owned by the Town district of Prague 11, with purpose of administration of residential and non-residential units and provision of the operation of a multifunctional supervision center as part of the program Safe Southern town district.


In early 2008, the company Jihoměstská majetková plc started its activities by getting in charge of non-residential units owned by the Town district of Prague 11. This included the administration of kindergartens and primary schools, health centers and other non-residential units. Administration is performed under a Mandate agreement.In spring 2008, the company Jihoměstská majetková plc takes under its administration part of the residential units owned by the Town district of Prague 11. These were around 1,400 residential units. At the same time in this period was launched the Multifunctional monitoring center (MMC), which is located in the building of Anna Drabíkova 878. As part of this activity are monitored the surroundings of kindergartens that have passed in 2007 the total renovation. In 2008 new renovated primary schools were linked to the MMC network. MMC is also monitoring the majority of the residential buildings owned by the Town district of Prague 11.

2009 - 2011

During the years 2009 to 2011, we took the administration of another approximately 2,250 dwellings. This way the total number of units under our administration reached 3650.

The goal of Jihoměstská majetková plc is to provide professional services in the area of administration of residential and non-residential units of different ownership. We aim to create an open organization that will be able to use the potential of the founders, and will benefit the Town district of Prague 11 and the residents of Southern town district.

Our company is a holder of ISO certificates, which are system guarantee for a professional approach towards the client. The certificates are:

ČSN EN ISO 9001 :2009 Quality Management System

ČSN EN ISO 14001 : 2005 Environmental Management System

For Jihoměstská majetková plc
Luděk Zítka, Chairman of the Board of Directors